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French school in France
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A year at Azurlingua

December 2nd, 2011 general

Last Friday, a group of thirty students from China left Azurlingua after having spent anywhere from nine months to one year here. With the DELF certificate in hand, these students are now ready to enter a French university where they can concentrate on their field, like economics, management or medicine. Over the course of their stay with Azurlingua, these students have shared both their culture and humour with us. This wasn’t just an ordinary group of student but a group that has engaged our teachers in their learning for several months and that will be dearly missed.

June 2010, goal: To prepare them for the DELF B2. This goal was almost unthinkable in the beginning, but the progress the students exhibited has been very impressive. As for the teachers, their teaching abilities were put to the test; they struggled to explain words or certain concepts which were non-existent in Chinese culture. Despite our differences, these students were able to embrace the French culture and we got the opportunity to discover another side of the Chinese culture.

The teachers at Azurlingua were not the only ones who were moved by these students. Eric, our activity leader, holds very special memories of the time shard with these students such as the time he had the opportunity to try “Coca Cola flavoured Chicken wings” during a Christmas dinner. According to Eric they were able to “quickly engage in the Niçoise culture“.

On their last day, we were all very emotional. Some of the group members were still not satisfied with their level of French, especially when having to make a phone call which they found very difficult. After a year in Nice, they were still surprised by some of our daily tasks, such as making an appointment to see the doctor or opening a bank account. The ritual of writing a formal letter or waiting before an appointment still seems odd; things they will have to get used to while in France.

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