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Free newspapers vs. paid newspapers?

December 7th, 2011 general

Hello dear students!

As you may know, my colleagues and I at Azurlingua regularly use newspapers in class, in both the intensive and standard courses.  We might do a press review and then discuss a particular theme of an article.

The newspapers are a goldmine for teachers because we can find and discuss current issues. Also, the Common European Framework of Reference strongly recommends the use of authentic documents in language courses, which means documents written for the French public and that are not simplified.

Teachers have to find articles that are suitable for all levels. The articles in the free newspapers, like Direct Matin, Métro or 20 Minutes, are simple and short and therefore easy to use for levels A1 and A2. For the higher levels, from B1, B2 and above, some of my colleagues like to use articles that are a bit more complex, for example articles in the newspaper Le Monde. People who regularly read newspapers tend to prefer the newspapers you pay for because of the quality of the writing and analyses of the news. In contrast, the free newspapers present the articles without analyses; they are instead mainly informative without any political point of view.

So now you understand, there are two camps: one for the newspapers you pay for and one for free newspapers. How about you? What do you think? Do you prefer newspapers you pay for or the ones you get for free?

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