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Christmas Holidays at Azurlingua

January 5th, 2012 general

It’s the last week of classes before Azurlingua closes for the holiday season. Well yes, the summer is now behind us, the sun has given way for the gray clouds and cold weather. The classrooms empty little by little as the students of Azurlingua leave one by one to spend the holidays with their families in their home countries.  So, Christmas is the theme of this new article.

In class, we share our memories of Christmas with each other. This way we learn how this magical holiday is celebrated in different countries. Take China for example, for the Chinese, Christmas is a holiday that’s becoming increasingly popular among young people. Since they have no vacation during this holiday (unlike the French people) they enjoy themselves during the evenings by going shopping, taking a walk, taking pictures with Santa or eating out together. The streets are decorated with Christmas trees, lights and garlands but only for the 24th and 25th of December. On the contrary, in Colombia the streets are colourfully decorated starting from the last day of November. The more known cities such as Bogota, Medellin and Cali organize a Colour Festival with fireworks attracting many visitors from all around the world. During the holidays the Colombians pray and sing songs, express their joy of being together and share the story of the birth of Jesus with the children. In Switzerland, it seems like Christmas Eve goes the same way as it does in France. On the 24th of December they go to church and then they eat a meal together with their family. After dinner they gather around the Christmas tree to sing songs and open presents. Finally in Japan, the streets that are much bigger than here are decorated with numerous lights. For this holiday, they wear their new cloths and meet with their family for dinner, and at midnight they go to the Temple with their family or friends.

This is just a little glimpse of different Christmas traditions abroad. It would have taken too long to tell you everything in detail. If you would like to share your Christmas traditions, feel free to write a comment about it! Looking forward to seeing you next year, the teachers at Azurlingua wish you a happy holiday season! See you next year!

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